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Future mobility must become more sustainable and provide a contribution to climate protection. FEV always keeps an eye on the overall system - from the battery system to the vehicle to the charging infrastructure. As part of this work, we develop technical solutions and work on new standards for batteries.

The development of innovative energy storage systems is still facing major challenges, such as limited battery cell production capacities, the race for higher energy densities, non-negotiable battery safety, which often stands in contrast to product costs and the business case, as well as the availability of production and testing partners.

Battery Challanges

Your partner for battery development and testing

Since 2007, FEV has been an independent and global one-stop partner for low- and high-voltage batteries. We develop, assemble and test battery systems through the complete product lifecycle. Our engineers cover this field with a wide range of expertise, from innovative battery cell chemistries up to production, including the industrialization process, and help turn these ideas into reality.

FEV has many years of profound experience in the field of battery pack and BMS development from innovations to series products. From modular approaches and standard parts, to highly tailored ideas, we find the ideal solutions. FEV creates robust and cost efficient designs involving production and cost engineering experts from all FEV business areas. We consider manufacturability, recycling and aftersales of batteries in our battery development process. Further, we are able to produce small series of batteries in our assembly line.

FEV supports any kind of application and industry:

Battery Industries

Our mission is to reduce development time and costs while ensuring quality, reliability and highest customer value.

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