FEV Headquarter in Aachen, Germany

feel evolution: We drive innovation to help the world evolve

A family-owned company: Our roots

FEV was founded in 1978 by Prof. Franz Pischinger, who was then head of Applied Thermodynamics at RWTH Aachen University. From its beginnings as a start-up with four employees, FEV has consistently followed its motto, “Feel Evolution”, and has grown continuously thanks to its unique pioneering spirit and innovative strength.

Today, FEV is a globally leading engineering service provider in vehicle and powertrain development, as well as for digital mobility and the energy sector. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of the transportation sector for climate-neutral, efficient, connected, and safe mobility. With our in-depth expertise, we develop innovative mobility solutions for the most advanced transportation experience from A to B.

Prof. Dr. Franz Pischinger und Prof. Dr. Stefan Pischinger
For more than 45 years, FEV has stood for outstanding technological and strategic expertise, as well as innovation that sets standards in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy and software. Progress and evolution are therefore deeply embedded in our DNA.

Prof. Dr. Franz Pischinger/
Prof. Dr. Stefan Pischinger

Founder and member of the shareholders' board/
Chairman of the shareholders' board

Patrick Hupperich
FEV never stands still. Because continuous evolution is crucial for sustainable progress – for the world and for society. This is how we continuously translate new ideas and research findings into the most innovative solutions that set industry standards — meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Patrick Hupperich

President and CEO, FEV Group

A strong team: FEV’s management

Dr. Patrick Hupperich

President and CEO, FEV Group

Dr. Norbert W. Alt

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, FEV Group

Yvonne Thürwächter

Executive Vice President and Chief People & Strategy Officer, FEV Group

Markus Kersting

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, FEV Group

Dr. Johannes Scharf

Chairman of the Executive Board, FEV Europe

Dr. Dean Tomazic

President, FEV North America

Mayank Agochiya

President, FEV Asia

Our values: Our vision, DNA and values

FEV is continuously growing – This is accompanied by completely new internal and external challenges that every employee is confronted with on a daily basis.

Customer Focus

Customer is supreme – We deliver added value beyond our customers’ expectations.



Through our professionalism we achieve the highest quality in all areas. Continuous improvement and learning ensure the highest skill levels.



We make clear agreements and feel obliged. Together we achieve our goals. We are passionate. We take responsibility. We are reliable and execute timely.


Open Mindedness

We strive to meet future needs. We think out of the box and adapt. We look for new business opportunities. We drive innovation. We are curious.



We trust and appreciate each other. We consider diversity a treasure. We are open to different views. We communicate openly and honestly.

Prof. Franz Pischinger

FEV Company History

FEV is a globally leading engineering service provider in the automotive sector and a driver of innovation for various industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundation for this in 1978 by combining his academic and technical background with his vision for continuous progress. The company has been developing technological and strategic solutions for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and customers across the transportation and mobility ecosystem for over 45 years. FEV’s engineering expertise spans the entire mobility ecosystem, including all on-road applications as well as rail, marine, aerospace, agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial applications.

In addition to its original focus on the development of low-emission and low-consumption engines, the company, which is still family owned today, has acquired outstanding knowledge and the highest level of expertise in the field of sustainable and safe mobility. The entire spectrum of battery electric drives is complemented by decades of experience with hydrogen applications such as fuel cells and hydrogen-powered engines. FEV also applies its technological and strategic know-how in other areas and transfers its future-oriented approach to the energy sector. The company also plays a pioneering role with its software and system expertise and makes intelligent solutions accessible to everyone.

Locations: You can find FEV everywhere around the globe

FEV will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the future. Find out more about FEV in your area.