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FEV energy

Connecting power and heat generation, mobility, and industry in a smart way


FEV energy: Renewable energies

FEV energy creates solutions that connect electricity and heat generation, mobility, and industry intelligently and optimize them holistically.

FEV energy

FEV energy creates synergies between the mobility, electricity, and heating sectors. The aim is to use renewable energies effectively and achieve the transformation to a CO2-neutral society. As a system integrator, FEV provides a wide range of options for generating, storing, transporting, and using renewable energy.


Our range of services includes

  • Power-to-X (methanol, ammonia, e-fuels, etc.)
  • H2 infrastructure (electrolysis and logistics)
  • Electrical energy (storage and systems)
  • Mobile e-Power (infrastructure and charging)
  • Sustainability (consulting and studies)
  • Heating – Cooling ( concepts and systems)

We also offer many other services to support you with your project. Contact us for your individual consultation.

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