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FEV aerospace: SkyBound Evolution

The aerospace industry is on the cusp of a period of rapid innovation and profound change. Sustainability, autonomy, new propulsion technologies, commercial space travel and advanced air mobility are the key drivers of this development. These advances will not only change the way we travel, but also create new challenges that will shape the future of global mobility and space flight.

For over 40 years, we’ve propelled our customers forward with sustainable, efficient, and safe technology on the ground. FEV aerospace now takes you to new heights.

FEV aerospace

FEV is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with its technologically advanced solutions for the aerospace industry. These include, in particular, innovations in the areas of sustainable, efficient propulsion systems, electronics and software. For us, consistently delivering top performance is just as important as focusing on cutting-edge research and development. This is how FEV aerospace is committed to improving performance, efficiency and sustainability in the aerospace industry.

With its extensive expertise and long-standing cooperation with leading companies in the aviation industry, FEV aerospace is playing a key role in shaping the future of aerospace technology and thus driving the development of holistic mobility. For people and a safe and sustainable future.


  • Propulsion systems: fuel cells, H2 storage and infrastructure concepts, batteries, high voltage systems, power electronics, combustion technologies
  • Controllers: software for propulsion, fuel cells, batteries, E/E
  • Software: requirements and systems analysis, functional safety, cyber security, virtual twin, embedded systems, HIL, artificial intelligence
  • Emissions: acoustics for propulsions, NVH
  • Technical services: thermal management, mission and system analysis
  • Consulting: benchmarking, strategy development, cost analysis, production planning, support for certification and standards

We also offer many other services to support you with your project.

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Our Focus:Future aerospace technologies

  • Fuel cell development
  • Direct hydrogen combustion
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels
  • Battery development
  • Software solutions

Our commitment to sustainability:Green aerospace

FEV is committed to sustainable action. This applies equally to FEV aerospace. Our efficient propulsion solutions are designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. By using many other advanced technologies and environmentally friendly fuels, we are actively contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the aerospace industry. A positive side effect: energy-efficient solutions not only enable sustainable action, but also reduce operating costs for our customers.

Our high internal standards also ensure that our solutions meet tomorrow’s sustainability requirements today.

FEV Headquarter in Aachen, Germany

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