Fuel cells, solid-state batteries, software-defined vehicles

In This issue: Fuel cells, solid-state batteries, software-defined vehicles

In this issue, CEO Stefan Pischinger talks to SPECTRUM about the first rebranding that FEV has implemented for the first time since its founding 45 years ago. Part of this rebranding is the new logo. But it also goes hand in hand with the new look of this customer magazine. In addition, in this issue we provide insights into efficiency improvements and greater practicality of locally emission-free mobile machinery and equipment, using the example of a concrete trowel. This is a relevant topic, as more and more cities are announcing stipulations that such helpers will no longer be allowed to emit any emissions in the coming years.

Fuel cells are considered as a key driver of the energy transition. In this context, bipolar plates in particular are an important component for improvements in terms of manufacturability and durability. On the following pages, we highlight solutions that take advantage of positive material properties and further improve performance and power density. In another article, we address electric vehicles that use permanent magnet excited electric traction machines. They rely on raw materials such as rare earths, which are considered critical in terms of a sustainable circular economy and their geopolitical development. We highlight ways to address these challenges.

Another development challenge for e-vehicles is the driving range required by the market and the correspondingly required energy density in the battery cells. FEV is working on technologies that are able to realize these required energy densities while maintaining or increasing safety and power density. Solid-state batteries offer the potential to realize the increasing ranges of battery electric vehicles expected by the end of the decade. We give you an exclusive look into our work on the topic in an article.

We also look at the opportunity for software-defined vehicles to unlock new revenue potential and highlight key success factors. And in the context of Euro 7 legislation, this issue is dedicated to FEV’s holistic approach to meeting the new stricter requirements.

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