Sustainable mobility thought ahead

In This Issue: Sustainable mobility thought ahead

We present Hybrid-BEV, a native BEV platform, which integrates an internal combustion engine as a highly efficient energy conversion system, giving the driving experience of a BEV while achieving the range of current diesel vehicles with extremely low emissions. At the same time, the single-platform strategy offers enormous savings potential for manufacturers as they transition to pure electric mobility based on a BEV. In another article, we look at how electric vehicles based on fuel cells can become a genuine alternative to combustion engines or battery-electric drives. One important prerequisite for this is, among other things, that their operation in extreme subzero temperatures must be improved. FEV has investigated how a cold start can best be achieved without impairing the operation or service life of a fuel cell.

If fuel cells are to deliver high power, turbocharging makes a lot of sense. However, since there is a wide range of applications and only limited quantities are expected in the near future, the development of customized compressors will be expensive. On the following pages, we present our solution with a holistic simulation process that reduces costs and optimizes efficiency.

In another article in this issue, we also show the enormous potential offered by hydrogen in internal combustion engines and which exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for nitrogen oxide are useful here. We also look at new approaches for better battery performance in e-mobility and present a new thermal management approach for the most common e-motor topologies. This can reduce energy consumption significantly without much effort – and the potential is even higher for future generations of e-motors.

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