Sustainable building, AI and cloud, fuel cell systems for long-haul trucks

In This issue: Sustainable building, AI and cloud, fuel cell systems for long-haul trucks

For more than four decades, FEV has stood for innovation, leadership, and openness to technology. We continue that tradition in this issue with its diverse topics.

On the following pages, for example, we present the “Dutch WindWheel”. An impressive building project that will emit only minimal emissions. FEV Energy is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the entire technical building equipment; taking advantage of the FEV Group’s extensive expertise in sustainable technology solutions.

Speaking of sustainability, SPECTRUM also talks to the two managing directors of Beyond Materials, a joint venture between FEV Consulting and Mitsubishi Corporation. The company offers specialized strategy and product development consulting for material manufacturers – a field that is becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of circular economy.

In the field of e-mobility, range and charging times are key factors in further increasing market acceptance. Thermal management can have an important influence here. In this context, we present the first results of a model predictive control system that can shorten the charging process and increase the range.

Efficient and reliable high-voltage batteries for e-vehicles also require continuously improved Battery Management Systems. In this SPECTRUM, learn how our engineers developed such a system with cloud connectivity and algorithms based on artificial intelligence as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project “ALBATROSS”.

Hydrogen technologies are also an integral part of FEV’s activities. In this issue, we present how the power requirements for heavy-duty fuel cell propulsion systems can be analyzed, and how the main components of the system can be dimensioned in terms of efficiency and cost.

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