08. December 2016

UK Automotive Testing Show

December, 8-9 2016, Milbrook Proving Grounds, Station Ln, Bedford MK45 2JQ, UK.

We will be pleased to show and demonstrate our new software and testing solutions:

  • V-CAP: A virtual calibration platform offering outstanding functionalities, with 30% of the usual physical tests performed at the desktop by pure simulation.
  • High dynamic test bed: combine the real time performance of MORPHEE, our test bed automation system, to xMOD, a co-simulation and virtual experimentation platform, for high dynamic purposes
  • MORPHEE Model Based Calibration: use the power of MORPHEE and advanced calibration techniques for on-line calibration at the test bed
  • FEV Blow-By-Rate and Air Rate: Our state of the art measuring system for BlowBy gases and combustion air mass flow, two products providing a very high level of accuracy