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FEV is aware of the needs of today’s as well as future generations of vehicles with regard to weight reduction, safety, functionality, aesthetics and cost optimization. Since we are specialized in vehicle exterior, we’re able to manage all of these most diverse tasks with the highest professional standard.

From the development of simple modules to the construction of sophisticated systems, we cover everything. Both in small series as well as in large-scale production, we have the know-how and capability to realize structural components and material-oriented exterior components at any given time.

With Comfort and Vision


FEV developed interior design concepts that meet the various demands of a wide array of customers in terms of design and functionality, while keeping in line with process-related technical requirements.

FEV dependably get solutions for new features in order just as well as existing carrier components, panels, controls, and acoustic insulation measures. Taking into account all technical, safety and design framework conditions as well as any legal requirements, the customer is sure to reach the top results they desire.

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