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Holistic and pioneering vehicle development


Vehicle development: FEV vehicle

FEV vehicle is the one-stop shop for sophisticated vehicle, powertrain, and module concept development. The research and development departments of car manufacturers and their suppliers are increasingly expected to come up with sustainable solutions that can be introduced into mass production within a short period of time. To achieve this, current mega-trends such as CO2 reduction (e.g. through e-mobility, autonomous driving or connectivity) must be made ready for series production.

FEV supports both OEMs and their suppliers in the design of new approaches in vehicle development: For example, concept studies for fundamentally new vehicle types such as our “SVEN”, designed for ride-sharing, or body types such as space frames and their subsequent covering with lightweight composite panels.

  • Body Shell Structure

    Body in White (BiW), doors, tailgates, hoods...

  • Exterior and Interior

    Surface structures (Strak), add-on parts, interior concepts

  • Test and Validation

    Test benches, test drives, environmental influences, durability...

  • Light and Sight

    Headlights, rear lights, LED technology, intelligent lighting functions

  • Noise Vibration Harshness

    Noise simulation and optimization, analysis of noise quality

  • Chassis and Driving Dynamics

    Chassis development, safety and comfort

  • Passive Safety Development

    Legal requirements (homologation), EuroNCAP, virtual crash simulation

Design and functionality: Interior and exterior

FEV knows the exact demands on current and future vehicle generations in terms of weight reduction, safety, functionality, aesthetics, noise abatement, and cost optimization. We develop and integrate interior concepts that meet a vast variety of requirements in terms of design, functionality, and innovative new features. We also develop reliable carrier components, housing, control elements and acoustic insulation measures.

Fahrzeug SVEN mit Solardach

Long term eXPERIENCE: Comprehensive expertise

Conventional combustion engines provide sufficient temperature to heat the cabin, while more efficient downsized engines already require PTC auxiliary heaters. With electric cars, it is even more difficult to compensate for the heating power deficit or to reduce the heating power requirement. To address these complex issues of optimized thermal management, FEV vehicle has created a virtual development process based on a combination of one-dimensional and three-dimensional flow simulations. FEV vehicle combines simulation and testing, as well as interdisciplinary development approaches, in order to develop optimal thermal management solutions that take efficiency, component safety, and cost into account.

In the areas of Body in White (BiW), as well as doors and flaps, we draw on our extensive know-how to provide support in benchmarking, concept and series development, tolerance management, drawing creation, and series support.

With regard to chassis adjustments, the properties of safety, comfort, and dynamics are adjusted according to the desired vehicle characteristics. FEV vehicle covers the entire development process in chassis and driving dynamics development. From the development of new concepts and target values, to the design of components and modules, to the testing and final tuning of prototypes, FEV vehicle is a competent partner in the automotive industry.

In addition, an increasing number of new electronic systems are finding their way into vehicles. On top of legally required ABS and ESP systems, countless driving assistance systems influence the vehicle’s course-keeping and stabilization. We assist our customers from the initial idea to series production and beyond.

Our services range from the definition of suitable hardware and software, system expertise in electrics and electronics, the networking and control of all vehicle components, the development of customer-specific wiring harnesses, all the way through  complex on-board networks and functions. The focus is always on the overall system and its requirements in order to ensure optimum cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Well-balanced driving comfort requires equally well-balanced acoustics. At FEV vehicle, we combine our in-depth understanding of noise emissions and vibrations to create first-class NVH solutions – including for electric drives. This comprises the reduction of structural excitation by optimizing the machine topology and control, as well asensuring smooth running of the drive units. Our portfolio also includes highly integrated systems with ideal housing designs and assembly concepts for low noise emissions, as well as NVH optimization of the drive bearings and system peripherals, such as the oil pump for cooling.

Aerodynamics has become much more important due to increasing efficiency requirements. Our holistic aerodynamic design approach therefore covers all aspects such as air resistance, vehicle safety (lift, crosswind sensitivity), wetting and contamination, component cooling, and interior air conditioning, as well as wind noise. FEV vehicle makes intensive use of CFD simulations for design in the virtual development phase, and also uses (climatic) wind tunnels to optimize and validate the vehicles.

Innovative concepts: Light and sight

In current automotive development, the area of light and sight takes on a central role at the interface of design, comfort and safety.

Light development is an important aspect for car manufacturers. In addition to front and rear lights, lighting elements in the vehicle interior are now also unmistakable features. FEV meets the increasing technical demands on lighting components with innovative concepts and a wealth of experience acquired throughout a large number of projects.

FEV Headquarter in Aachen, Germany

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