Domenik, what does

“enter the next level” mean for you?

Having the courage to jump into the deep end. As an intern and then in your first real job, instead of working under supervision, it means putting yourself to the test for the first time. Just getting things done. Always thinking outside the box and handling tasks that involve multiple fields.

At FEV, every day gives me the chance to show what I’m capable of, to improve myself, and to continually grow. At the same time, it is a challenge to always stay organized and not lose sight of the big picture. But even if you do, you have your team by your side to always give you support. Collegiality is alive and well at FEV, and that’s really important to me personally as well.

Domenik joined FEV as an intern and was able to work firsthand on a large-scale project – Europe’s largest and most innovative battery development center. He was heavily involved in the acquisition and now works as a project engineer and deputy sub-project manager in the area of measurement and testing technology at eDLP. Aside from specializing in the area of conventional powertrains, he is thus also helping to shape the future of mobility.

During his free time, he likes to travel and meet up with his friends to grill and go swimming. He also rides a motorcycle and is an avid go-karter along with his brother. He doesn’t just ride them, though. He also loves to tinker around on them.