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FEV offers a wide spectrum of engineering services to OEMs, suppliers and turbocharger manufacturers in the field of charging combustible engines and fuel cells. Highly complex questions can be answered quickly and fully using our long-term expertise in the fields of method development, simulation and trial. In addition to the measurement and assessment of exhaust turbochargers, the optimization of interaction between combustion engines and charging systems is paramount for FEV.

In summary, FEV offers the following services in the field of charging:

  • Design and development of turbochargers
  • Trial approaches for exhaust turbochargers and charging systems
  • 1D and 3D simulation methods for the optimization and analysis of aerodynamics and bearings
  • Turbocharger acoustics (test and simulation)
  • Design and production of test benches for turbochargers
  • Experience in the solution of charging system problems (prototype and series applications)
  • Software tools
Turbo-Aufladung by FEV

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Department Manager Boosting, Flow & Optics