Off Highway

Legislation, Acceptance and Market Demands

Following On Road legislation for Passenger Cars and Truck Applications CO2 limitations are under discussion for next Off Highway emission legislation. Possible ban of CO2 emitting machines in urban regions, indoor, natural reserves or forests are drivers for electrified machines and alternative fuels.

Legislation, Market demands & -acceptance, availability of innovative technologies and information will lead to radical changes for manufacturers and users of Non Road Mobile Machines. Beside of all legislations an regulations more and more clients ask for environment friendly solutions for their applications in cities, indoor an natural reserves.

FEV supports these demands by offering solutions to build efficient, compatible & sustainable Non Road Mobile Machines.

Battery or cable driven Electric [links to existing EE & Hybrid development] Off Highway and Alternative Fuels [links to existing Alternative fuels] enable CO2-free respectively –neutral operation of Off Highway Machines.

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Ralf Blum Ralf Blum
Product Manager Off Highway
FEV Europe GmbH