FEV propulsion competencies

Sustainable powertrain and battery system development


Electric drives, battery and hydrogen solutions: CO2-neutral mobility

With its innovative and efficient drive solutions, FEV propulsion takes a leading role in shaping CO2-neutral mobility. The technologies developed for electric drives, battery and hydrogen solutions are crucial to help reduce emissions and shape a sustainable future.

  • EDU

    FEV offers a complete range of services in EDU development including e-motors, inverters, EDU system development, vehicle integration, NVH, verification and validation.

  • Battery development

    FEV supports its customers with advanced battery solutions – from innovative battery technologies to the battery system and charging infrastructure.

  • Fuel Cell

    FEV offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of fuel cell development, including systems engineering, design, simulation, functional development, and the construction, calibration, and testing of prototypes, as well as benchmarking.

Wide range of powertrain solutions: Passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-road applications

FEV propulsion’s expertise covers a wide range of engineering services designed for sustainable drive systems with innovative technologies.

With robust and efficient powertrain systems, FEV propulsion is a leading provider of on-and-off-highway drive solutions for industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture. The focus is on performance and sustainability in order to meet customer requirements, for example with regard to increasing efficiency.

Many years of experience: Comprehensive expertise

In addition to state-of-the-art developments in the field of battery electric drives and fuel cells, FEV propulsion is also committed to renewable fuels. E-fuels instantly increase the efficiency of existing vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions.

FEV develops modern and highly efficient hydrogen, diesel, and gasoline engines. We  make a significant contribution to achieving the ambitious CO2 targets that are required in many regions of the world for the purpose of climate protection.

FEV propulsion develops highly efficient transmissions that both maximize vehicle performance and minimize fuel consumption. Innovative technologies and advanced designs are used for this purpose.

We explain why!: Benchmarking

Through comprehensive benchmarking, FEV propulsion ensures that our solutions are kept at the top level and always meet the highest technological standards. This enables us to identify best practices and generate innovative ideas.

A wide range of different studies are also available via the FEV Benchmarking Web Shop.

About the benchmarking studies

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