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FEV energy competencies

Connecting power and heat generation, mobility, and industry the smart way


Competence and expertise: Sustainable energy and mobility solutions

The action fields for a sustainable energy supply are diverse and affect the entire value chain. Starting with ecological energy generation, through storage and transportation, to the most efficient conversion possible in environmentally friendly devices and systems, there are numerous starting points on the path to a sustainable world. The individual issues and requirements that arise during the planning and implementation of specific projects are just as diverse. FEV energy develops customized solutions to meet these challenges on the way to a sustainable future.

Innovation leader: Adapting existing know-how

Thanks to its expertise and more than four decades of experience in engineering, FEV energy offers consulting services and system design, as well as operational optimization of existing systems, with the help of intelligent control and tailor-made turnkey projects. This includes, for example, the system design of photovoltaic systems or the optimal dimensioning and control of photovoltaic battery storage heat generator systems, fuel cell combined heat and power plants, or stationary energy storage systems.

Core competencies: FEV energy as a system integrator

As a globally leading engineering service provider in the automotive sector, FEV’s engineers develop solutions for the integration of bidirectional charging management. We focus on smart control strategies for energy management in domestic and industrial environments, as well as for the intelligent charging and discharging of connected vehicle batteries.

Advanced and fuel-optimized combustion engines will remain important in the medium and long term, for example, in the maritime sector. For this reason, FEV energy’s R&D activities also focus on the development of environmentally friendly fuels, such as the production of e-methanol.

FEV energy is convinced that green hydrogen will play a key role in the energy and mobility mix of tomorrow. Therefore, we offer specific development and testing services for both electrolyzers and fuel cells – from the single cell to the entire system in the megawatt-range.

Smart grids are an important building block of climate-friendly security of supply. FEV energy conducts research into the design and control strategies of energy management systems to make an important contribution to the smart grids of the future.

In consulting, the experts at FEV energy make an important contribution to the transparency of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions – for example, in the preparation and implementation of energy audits and sustainability reports. This transparency is a fundamental prerequisite for making sustainable decisions.

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