Martin, what does

“enter the next level” mean for you?

Giving it my best day in and day out, setting new challenges for myself, and acquiring new expertise each day. It means looking beyond the limits of conventional road vehicle development with FEV Racing.

In racing, you have to give it your all to ride at the front of the pack. You need to quickly make decisions that determine whether you make it or break it. So, there is a great deal of responsibility. At work, I am always taking on more responsibility in projects and on my team as I gain more trust from my supervisors. It’s an amazing feeling!

Martin started off at FEV as a student assistant and now heads projects in the area of chassis and driving dynamics. After work, he puts his knowledge to use as a team head on the FEV Racing team. His routine involves international business trips, driving dynamics tests on the test track, and weekend races at the Nürburgring.

He spends his free time with his partner and their dog, having a nice beer or catching a movie with friends, practicing Muay Thai, and enjoying track days – of course.