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Chassis and driving dynamics

For vehicles of all types, the chassis creates the connection to the road, making it the assembly that carries forces and torques affecting the vehicle.

FEV is capable of completely covering this development process regarding chassis and driving dynamics development – from the development of new concepts and target values to the construction of parts and modules, right through to the testing and final approval of prototypes.

Additionally, forward-looking, alternative drive concepts with one or more electric engines offer a means of developing new chassis concepts that would have been previously impossible due to the installation space in conventional combustion engines.

Electricity & Electronics

E/E and Onboard Networks

We assist our customers from the initial idea up to series production and beyond. In doing so, our offer ranges from the definition of suitable hardware and software, the system expertise in electricity and electronics, the connection and control of all vehicle components, the development of customer-specific cable sets, up to complex onboard networks and functions.

The focus is always on the overall system and its requirements in order to ensure ideal cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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