Efficient solutions forLarge Engines

Large Engines

> Clean sheet development of new engine families

> Adaption to Future Fuels like Methanol, Hydrogen or Ammonia 

> Continuous Development of existing series achieving new levels for power, emissions, and fuel consumption 

> Support of field engineering and component development

FEV is your partner for everything to do with large bore engines and related hybrid systems, offering by proven experience a full range of engineering services.

We are maintaining a wide range of most advanced tools in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) as well as for mechanical testing (incl. functional and endurance testing) of complete engines or individual components.

By using that tool chain, your FEV developed power system or subsystem has already passed several gates of the FEV product development process, before first hardware production. 

Large bore engines developed with FEV achieve top scores with regard to specific performance, power density, compactness, efficiency and reliability.

For this, FEV has also developed a range of specialized large-bore single cylinder research engines, adaptable to all different engine configurations (size, fuels, injection technologies, …).

For Commercial, Industrial and Large Borge Engines we offer key engineering capabilities:

  • Design & CAE
  • Mechanics & NVH
  • Thermodynamics & Exhaust gas after-treatment
  • Testing & Homologation
  • OBD & Condition-based maintenance