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Wind PowerEngineering

Advanced Applications

Business Expansion

For more than 35 years, FEV has been an innovative engineering partner for many of the major players in the international automotive and transportation industry. We are a leader in the key processes that are required to turn innovation into successful products in the field of stationary and mobile propulsion systems.

To retain its position of leadership, FEV has continuously expanded its business into additional markets, products, and applications.  Bolstered by the experience gained through successful execution of many R&D and production programs, FEV continues to develop and enhance the effectiveness of its own technology, processes and tool sets.  This, in turn, solidifies our ability to offer leading-edge capabilities to our clients.

New Horizons

Using these core capabilities, FEV has progressively broadened its engineering portfolio and expanded its services into other industrial sectors.  Examples include other areas of transportation (marine, rail, aerospace, etc.), agriculture, defense, energy, and clean technology.

Production process and value/cost engineering represent key areas of FEV’s engineering services that have experienced significant growth over the past decade.  Today FEV’s highly skilled value/cost engineering team works on many comprehensive product cost reduction programs using both commercially available as well as proprietary software tools.  FEV’s services in these areas are continuously bolstered by knowledge gained from a variety of customer projects.  The same is also true for FEV’s manufacturing process and production engineering team that continues to successfully support FEV’s customers in the execution of development projects with challenging production implementation needs.   

Wind power engineering exemplifies FEV’s success in applying its core competencies to non-traditional businesses.  Specifically, blade pitch controls development and transmission/geartrain layout and design are examples of services offered by FEV’s wind power engineering team that have directly grown from FEV’s immense experience in the transportation industry.

FEV Consulting, through its business-centric perspective is an essential element of FEV’s growth and diversification strategy.  As an independent FEV Group subsidiary, FEV Consulting combines engineering capabilities with deep industry knowledge and insights from various sectors.  Management consultancy services are complemented by FEV’s proven engineering know-how, bringing an added dimension of value to our clients.   

What we offer:

  • Value/cost engineering
  • Manufacturing process and production engineering
  • Wind power engineering
  • Management consultancy
  • Strategies and engineering services for the clean technology sector