Increasing Power

and Performance

Most consumers, when asked if they were willing to sacrifice power and performance for better fuel economy or lower emissions would answer with a resounding "No!"  This presents a unique problem for the OEM, especially with increased pressure to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

FEV’s engineers help customers meet this challenge. It starts with state-of-the-art tools, like the world’s most advanced equipment and test methods. With engineering technical centers around the world, we also ensure that our customers receive support near their local markets.

FEV – a global leader in

harnessing innovation

But it takes more than just tools. Meeting performance targets while satisfying requirements for fuel economy, emissions, quality and cost also requires innovation. Over the past three decades, FEV has positioned itself as a global leader in harnessing innovation. We call it bringing innovation to the street.

Just in the past few years, FEV has innovated concepts such as:

  • Mechanically variable valvetrain mechanisms
  • Fully electromechanically variable valvetrains
  • New turbo- and supercharging systems
  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated, direct injection gasoline engines
  • Variable compression ratio engines
  • Piezoelectrically controlled common rail fuel injection systems
  • Advanced, high power density two-stroke engines
  • Mild and full hybrid vehicle concepts (electric and hydraulic)

We also work with combustion and injection systems, and improve engine breathing through port development. FEV engineers work continuously to reduce parasitic losses and improve the efficiencies of ancilliary drives to transfer more power to the wheels. We also investigate stronger, lighter materials to improve component strength while reducing weight. FEV pioneered high efficiency lubrication and cooling systems for operation with fewer losses and better performance. In some cases, breakthroughs in exhaust aftertreatment technologies have sometimes delivered higher performance.

FEV is globally known for its expertise in calibrating and homologating powertrains and vehicles.

Achieve your targets

with FEV

We find ways to adapt new and existing technologies and ideas in novel ways, resulting in dramatic performance improvements. We can adapt and develop technologies to obtain desired performance targets – often without sacrificing fuel economy, emissions, cost or quality. Contact FEV to learn how we can help you achieve your targets.