Developing for

Mass Production

Many good ideas are presented to the world’s OEMs every year. But only a few of those concepts make it into production, since few companies can actually take an emerging concept and work together with an OEM to rapidly design, develop and productionize a new product. FEV is one of these few companies that can provide such services.

For 30 years, FEV has consistently performed powertrain design and development programs from concept to start of production (SOP) in the shortest possible time frame. FEV engineers shorten the product development cycle, while improving quality and reducing costs.



FEV engineers can undertake nearly any powertrain or vehicle application task, whether it concerns the development of new prototypes, new vehicle pre-production development, or homologations for new markets or legislative requirements.

FEV’s interdisciplinary design and development teams ensure that customers benefit from all of the technical expertise required to bring their products into production. Our virtual product development process saves time and money by eliminating much of the hardware prototyping from the product development cycle.

Our CAE project management offers an integrated, multidisciplinary development process. Benchmarking data from our database of current production engines is used to ensure that end products not only meet technical specifications, but can be manufactured at low cost and high quality.

Regardless of the technical disciplines required to complete the project, FEV has expert teams available for you in all relevant automotive engineering fields. We are familiar with many different design and analysis platforms – allowing us to support our customers in their native platforms.

FEV operates a wide range of modern powertrain test cells in technical centers across the globe. We employ the most advanced test cell equipment and provide all of the laboratories and capabilities to support full engine development programs in-house.

Our mechanical development staff provides world-class simulation and mechanical testing capabilities. Potential design issues are identified and resolved prior to prototype construction, representing a significant time and cost savings to our customers. FEV also conducts mechanical development testing to improve the design and function of individual components or the entire powertrain.

FEV offers complete rapid prototyping services and a worldwide network of foundries, pattern makers, manufacturers and system suppliers to support customer projects. Additionally, our world-class engine build shop is capable of assembling more than 300 prototype engines per year.

Finally, FEV provides a complete array of powertrain application engineering services to help meet all of our customers’ engineering and performance targets. These services can be provided over the entire development process through SOP and homologation support.

You’ll be surprised by the capabilities that FEV offers worldwide. Contact FEV or click on one of the related services at the right to see more information about how FEV can help you bring innovation to the street.