25. October 2016

FEV North America Automotive Testing Expo 2016 exhibit to include test systems of new partner TrigTec

FEV shows synergies from new partnership, plus full range of its own testing systems division software and hardware products

Auburn Hills, Mich., Oct. 25, 2016 – FEV North America, Inc., an FEV Group company, announced today that it will unveil its new relationship with TrigTec, which it acquired in September 2016, along with its own industry-leading testing technology and systems, at Automotive Testing Expo 2016. One of the largest testing technology shows and symposiums, the event takes place at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich. on Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016.

The TrigTec acquisition presents an opportunity for FEV to extend its testing capabilities from simulation and test beds downstream into the production process, thereby expanding its ability to serve customers. TrigTec technologies that will be exhibited include mobile semi-automatic leak test carts that are designed to support test development, manual or low-volume production lines and repair areas.

At the Testing Expo, FEV will also show a variety of technologies for the industry:

Road to Rig – FEV Powertrain Test Bed demo

The demo illustrates FEV tools and services that bring customer projects to completion in the most efficient, cost effective, and advanced way.


  • xMOD is a multi-model co-simulation and virtual experimentation tool that is an essential element in FEV’s Road to Rig offer. 
  • xMOD progresses seamlessly from MiL to HiL, and then to the test bed, providing an easy, cost-effective and flexible path to development completion. 


  • TOMx is a next-generation test bench controller for component and system test benches that provides powerful, robust IPC with i7 and I/O boards. 
  • It is adaptable to engine, transmission and driveline test cells.
  • Advanced control techniques and integrated simulations capabilities, along with secure operation of test objects makes TOMx the best choice for controller / component systems, providing an excellent cost / performance ratio.

MORPHEE Model Based Calibration (MMBC)/ ICE2 

  • MMBC ensures safe and successful collection of a data set while integrating powerful on line algorithms able to shorten calibration workflow and achieve a successful result. ICE2 then provides a complete office platform that integrates all centralized data and provides best-case optimization of the engine in combination with the after treatment system.

MORPHEE 64 bit 

  • This full 64-bit version is Windows 10 ready and maintains compatibility with 32-bit MORPHEE applications. It is a unique platform that combines automation of testing, online calibration operations and real-time simulation at the test bed. 



  • AirRate is a robust method for accurate combustion air measurement. 
  • Using titanium ultrasonic transducers, AirRate provides high measuring accuracy due to direct, four-path layout without reflection of signals. 
  • It is suitable for a large range of engines, with a wide measuring range of up to 1:140.


  • BlowByRate is a state-of-the-art measuring system for blow-by gasses.
  • Its high accuracy flow metering extends over the whole measuring range, with bi-directional measurement possible without accuracy losses.
  • Continuous measurement is possible, and frequent short term zeroing is not required. 
  • BlowByRate is suitable for a large range of different engines, and is modular for easy adaptation to different measuring demands with easy, tool-less orifice changes. 


  • FEVFlex is a system supporting the complete information process in the development of new products, from planning and job creation through documentation of all activities, data management, and analysis reporting.

    FEVFlex offers two editions, the Test Field Management 4.0 edition and the Benchmarking edition. The Test Field Management edition provides a view of the entire test field, including data management, part tracking, etc., while the Benchmarking edition provides a quick ’one click’ comparison and analysis of all types of data.


  • FEVALYS is a Windows-based tool for analysis and visualization of a variety of data generated during engine and vehicle development. It integrates data browsing, calculation and report generation, closing the gap between data acquisition and the presentation of test results, and can aggregate data from steady state or dynamic measurement, either manually or automatically. It saves customers time and money. 

Tectos Driveline 

  • FEV offers Tectos products exclusively in the U.S. for its customers. Tectos offers tShaft, a software analysis tool that receives technical input from a customer’s test rig, allowing the selection of appropriate driveline products.

    Tectos driveline components are designed by experts in the development of high-speed applications and are unique in that they contain an internal bearing that offers a very rigid system with respect to bending, and also offers a compliant torsional coupling for damping / low speed operation. 

About FEV
FEV is a leading international, independent service provider for hardware and software in vehicle and powertrain development, as well as the energy industry. The range of competencies includes the development and testing of innovative solutions up to series production and all related consulting services. The range of services for vehicle development includes the design of body and chassis, including the fine tuning of overall vehicle attributes such as driving behavior and NVH. FEV also develops innovative lighting systems and solutions for autonomous driving and connectivity. The electrification activities of powertrains cover powerful battery systems, e-machines and inverters. Additionally, FEV develops highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, EDUs as well as fuel cell systems and facilitates their integration into vehicles suitable for homologation. Alternative fuels are a further area of development. The service portfolio also includes tailor-made test benches and measurement technology as well as software solutions that allow efficient transfer of the essential development steps of the above-mentioned developments, from the road to the test bench or simulation. For defossilization of the entire energy value chain, FEV offers energy management and infrastructure solutions from a single source, which intelligently link and holistically optimize power and heat generation, mobility, and industry. The FEV Group currently employs 6500 highly qualified specialists in customer-oriented development centers at more than 40 locations on five continents.