Innovating New


For 30 years, FEV has been the innovator in the powertrain and vehicle industry. Our engineers have a reputation for taking new concepts and developing them into tangible, production-ready solutions that our customers can directly integrate into their product plans.

FEV continually reinvests in internal research and development in order to generate new ideas and further develop emerging technologies. We also have established an industry-leading benchmarking program that, today, includes a database of hundreds of current and future powertrains and vehicles – a tremendous tool in evaluating the future potential of new concepts.

Innovative solutions

for tomorrow

Count on FEV to provide innovative solutions for tomorrow's engines, including advanced combustion systems, mechanical components and subsystems as well as CAE techniques and measurement tools. Similarly, FEV's Test Systems Division offers state-of-the-art test and instrumentation systems designed by engine developers to be used by their peers in the industry.

At FEV, new combustion system concepts begin with thorough analysis and simulation.  Emerging concepts are proven using FEV’s world-class single-cylinder SystemMotor. FEV can produce short-run prototype components and engines, as well as street-ready technology demonstrators.



In just the past few years FEV’s new concept innovation process has produced an impressive number of technology demonstrators that practically illustrate emerging new technologies of interest to the industry. Some examples include:

  • Piezoelectric common rail fuel injection systems
  • Mechanical VVT systems
  • Electromechanical (camless) VVT systems
  • Innovative boosting systems
  • Turbocharged DI gasoline engines
  • Variable compression ratio concepts
  • Diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment systems (SCR and DPF based)
  • Turbocharged CNG concepts
  • Roller bearing engines
  • Mild and full hybrid systems for both gasoline and diesel engine prime movers

In order to help our customers with their product plans, FEV offers innovative ideas with the knowledge of how to best translate these new ideas into street-ready solutions for mass production.