Development Cycles

FEV continually assesses the processes involved in new product development to find optimization potential. Areas to improve are found everywhere in the cycle, including concept layout, design, analysis, development testing, as well as vehicle integration and calibration.

In a global marketplace, speed to market is a key factor in the success of a new product introduction. Ever-increasing competition makes windows of opportunity for successful product launches smaller than ever. Shortening times to design and develop a market-ready powertrain or vehicle is a complex process that must be addressed systematically.

Powertrain and

vehicle systems

The extensive use of electrical and electronic systems in powertrain and vehicle systems emphasizes function development and calibration in the engine development process along with mechanical and thermodynamic development. This requires methods and work flows to support tests necessary to optimize the parameters of the system. FEV helps customers reach this goal with:

  • Efficient model-based tools through all calibration levels (e.g. DoE)
  • Use of hardware and software-in-the-loop test rigs
  • Standardized and automated test bench and vehicle tests
  • Defined development processes supported by appropriate tools
  • Offline tools for various calibration tasks

FEV engineers continually assess new techniques to reduce the number of design and analysis loops, finding new methods like our integrated virtual product development process to reduce the number of physical prototypes needing to be produced.

Designing for

high quality

Design of Experiments reduces the number of test iterations. Design for Six Sigma helps ensure that customer projects result in high quality, robust designs that can be easily productionized at low cost. Customers can be certain that partnering with FEV will help to quickly bring high quality, best-in-class products to the market at attractive target prices.

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