Analysis and


Many companies and universities offer excellent analytical and predictive capabilities. However, the measure of success in a product-driven business lies in integrating these capabilities with the goal of getting the product to market at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible quality and performance.

At FEV, our analysts and engineers investigate new ways to improve product development to shorten time cycles, reduce costs and meet performance targets. Our new virtual development process helps eliminate much of the hardware prototyping that formerly typified product development. By integrating a number of simulations, a new product can be brought to market much more quickly.

Multidisciplinary and simultaneous

development process

FEV’s integrated development process links real and virtual prototypes with analysis, development testing, and release procedures, leading to a truly multidisciplinary and simultaneous development process. Analysis and prediction in the virtual environment shortens the process and keeps product costs down.

FEV offers analysis and prediction resources for engines, transmissions and vehicles. By applying analysis and testing, we quickly provide customers useful results that accelerate the development process.  Focus areas include simulation and testing in: tribology, thermomechanic, dynamic, NVH, mechanical testing

FEV applies a broad range of CAE and NVH analyses within development programs, such as:

  • Thermo-mechanical finite element (FE) analysis
  • Structural dynamics multi-body simulation
  • TEHD plane bearing analysis
  • 1D/3D coolant flow CFD analysis
  • 3D In-cylinder flow CFD analysis
  • 1D/3D gas exchange simulation
  • Force response NVH FE analysis
  • FEV internal software development (Virtual Engine)
  • FEV VINS/VENS (Vehicle Interior / Exterior Noise Simulation)

Our large database of benchmarking data for hundreds of current production and developmental engines and vehicles helps in developing new products, since test results are compared to products in the benchmark database – even for dynamic data like frictional behavior, wear, temperatures, etc.

Our experience in providing analyses and predictions for products under development is directly used in our customers’ product planning. Our ability to manage and control a multi-disciplinary development process and direct the analytical results provides useful information to the customer. This sets FEV apart from its competitors.

Call FEV today – we quickly provide value at a reasonable cost. But most importantly, we’ll help ensure that you achieve your goals and meet your targets.

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