The engineering services FEV provides to OEMs, suppliers and TC manufacturers in the field of turbocharging include:

  • Turbocharger testing
  • 1D & 3D simulation methodologies
  • Turbocharger design & development
  • Turbocharger acoustics
  • Design & manufacture of turbocharger test benches



Over the past years FEV has steadily increased its testing capabilities for turbo- and superchargers. This allows testing of the entire unit as well as component testing on the following Testing Facilities:

  • Turbocharger hot gas test bench
  • Mechanical compressor test bench
  • Turbocharger bearing friction test bench
  • Turbocharger inertia test bench



FEV has established a unique benchmarking process for the entire powertrain. The benchmarking process has created the world’s largest database for automotive turbochargers including in-series as well as aftermarket and prototype turbochargers from 14 different manufacturers (Status 01/2013). The following design and performance aspects can be assessed automatically by programmed routines within the FEV turbocharger benchmarking database:

  • Compressor performance
  • Turbine performance
  • Turbocharger bearing friction
  • Rotor shaft inertia
  • Correlation of design and performance parameters
  • Separation by technology (e. g. turbine type) or manufacturers