Functional Safety

Support for all key areas of the Safety Lifecycle

Functional safety is defined as the absence of unreasonable risks caused by malfunctions of a system. Many topics in FEV´s projects are safety-related, e.g. controls development for powertrains, ADAS and high voltage systems. But also vehicle integration, calibration of safety functions as well as the build-up of demonstrator vehicles is relevant for functional safety.

FEV takes care about the functional safety concept phase, the safety requirement specification, safety analyses like e.g. fault tree analyses and FMEA, as well as the functional safety management during the complete development cycle. We work closely together with the technical experts for the respective topics, who specify in detail, implement and test the safety requirements defined by FEV.

The procedures for the functional safety development are based on normative standards. Most important for FEV´s scope is the standard ISO26262 "Road vehicles – Functional safety". Similar standards exist for non-road applications and will be selected by us depending on the project scope. For the build-up of demonstrator and prototype vehicles, no safety standard is applicable, but we have developed a simplified approach to take functional safety into account in such cases as well.

Since the responsible company and the developers can be liable for safety issues caused by their scope of work, it is important to take functional safety seriously as early as possible in the project. Anytime you need support on functional safety, please contact us.

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