06. January 2020

FEV Presents Sustainable and Innovative Developments for Mobility at CES

Las Vegas NV, January 2020 – FEV will be showcasing innovative global solutions for autonomous and connected vehicles to support the next generation of mobility.

At the turn of each new year, the world congregates in Las Vegas Nevada to attend the Consumers Electronics Show (CES). This year, from January 7-10, 2020, FEV will be presenting multiple sustainable and innovative solutions targeted towards the automated and connected vehicle community. As a turn-key  vehicle engineering services provider to the transportation industry, FEV’s range of expertise includes all aspects of development for the next generation of mobility. Highlighted at this year’s conference will be several technological advancements in the Autonomous Driving (AD), Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) and connectivity geared towards propelling technology forward.

As autonomous vehicles are continuously progressing through their developmental stages, FEV will display several AD/ADAS related technologies to CES visitors. The first is a cockpit concept with driver monitoring and alerting functionality, using FEV’s xMOD driving simulation software.  Additionally, FEV’s See Through concept will show how V2V camera technology connects car front-facing cameras, allowing drivers to see what is in front of the vehicle they are following. A live demonstration using two Innoviz high performance, solid state Lidar sensors and perception software will also be on display. The demonstration will show how the configuration can be utilized to improve resolution and increase depth perception, advancing safe autonomy. FEV expands on this demonstration to show the benefits of integration, homologation, benchmarking, testing and cost analysis.

FEV will display our next generation “gateway” module to the industry this same week. Our newest gateway product, the CADET, enables faster vehicle development by allowing newer ECUs with various communication protocols to be integrated into vehicles. The CADET, while used as "glue modules" during OEM platform development or proof of concept vehicle builds, will include new functionality such as data recording, and a wider set of configurable I/O and software.

As part of a previously announced partnership, PolySync Technologies will join FEV at CES. PolySync is a leading developer of solutions for advanced testing and development of driverless vehicle technology.  Polysync will display their DriveKit, a comprehensive system allowing for full control of steering, braking, throttle, and gear selection for advanced testing and development of self-driving vehicles.

Another highlight for FEV at CES will be a recently patented lighting concept. This innovative 3D technology developed in-house has already been successfully used in outdoor advertising also offers entirely new possibilities in the automotive sector. This solution is based on light field technology. It can be used to produce high-quality 3D images that can be seen without the need for glasses or other aids. In the vehicle cockpit of the future, this will allow holographic operation elements to be created, such as a three-dimensional controller or switch projected virtually from the center console, which the driver can comfortably operate by hand and which is captured by sensors.

FEV will also inform CES visitors of solutions in the field of autonomous driving. Validating these automated driving functions requires a system that recognizes various scenarios in road traffic during test drives, evaluates them, and prepares them for the developers. FEV is taking on this key challenge with a data management and assessment system developed in-house, which uses the computing power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The results of the collaboration between FEV and Microsoft will be displayed at the exhibition.

About FEV

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FEV is a globally leading engineering provider in the automotive industry and internationally recognized leader of innovation across different sectors and industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundations by combining his background in academia and engineering with a great vision for continual progress. The company has supplied solutions and strategy consulting to the world's largest automotive OEMs and has supported customers through the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem. 

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That’s why FEV is unleashing its technological and strategic expertise into other areas. It applies its forward thinking to the energy sector. And its software and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. FEV brings together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges. 

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