05. October 2020

FEV presents development highlights at virtual Aachen Colloquium

FEV will attend this year‘s Aachen Colloquium with a virtual booth. Source: FEV Group

At ACK, FEV will present approaches to tomorrow’s sustainable mobility – these include fuel-cell solutions. Source: FEV Group

Aachen, October 2020 - For the 29th time, the "Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility" (ACK) will be the meeting place for experts from the automotive industry, where new vehicle and powertrain solutions will be presented. This year, FEV, a leading independent international service provider of vehicle and powertrain development for hardware and software, will present cutting-edge sustainable mobility solutions in the symposium and at its own booth. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the ACK, which will take place from October 5-7, will this year for the first time be held completely digitally, featuring virtual booths of the participating companies.      
FEV's virtual showroom will feature numerous highlights from the Aachen-based company's five areas of expertise:

  • Vehicle Development
  • Powertrain Development and Electrification
  • Intelligent Mobility and Software
  • Consulting
  • Software and Testing Solutions

In the area of Complete Vehicle Development, FEV presents the E-Roch, a modular chassis for e-vehicles whose ground clearance, wheelbase, track width and drive (front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive) can be flexibly adapted. This enables the chassis to significantly reduce development time and costs. E-Roch also offers an ultra-flat and modular battery concept, is compatible with ADAS stages 3 and 4 and includes an integrated EE architecture.
On the subject of electrification, FEV will present an oil-cooled e-motor. Conventional e-motors can only briefly call up their maximum power during operation, as this results in high thermal stress. FEV presents a special cooling solution that counteracts this limitation. While water as a coolant cannot be used for cooling directly at the copper windings in the e-motor due to its conductivity, FEV uses a special non-conductive oil, which is also used as a lubricant in the electric motor. Within the system, the oil is guided by centrifugal force via the shaft to the heat-conducting copper windings during motor operation in order to cool them efficiently. This allows the power density of the motor to be significantly improved and the increased torque to be called up for a longer duration. Alternatively, cooling allows the engine to be downsized while maintaining the same power density, resulting in installation space advantages in the vehicle.
FEV will also provide digital information to the colloquium participants about solutions in the context of autonomous driving. In addition to ADAS testing, these include connectivity solutions, model-based system engineering and software development. A central challenge in the ADAS context, for example, is to provide systems for safeguarding automated driving functions that recognize and evaluate the various scenarios in road traffic during test drives and prepare them for the engineers. FEV has developed its own data management and evaluation system for this purpose.
In the field of battery development, FEV recently officially inaugurated eDLP, the world's largest development and testing center for high-voltage batteries for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  Currently, 69 facilities under one roof and from one source in a building area of more than 15,000 m² cover all international standards that batteries in an e-vehicle must meet. ACK participants can view the technical features of the eDLP with its systems and exact specifications via a link from the digital FEV booth.

A dedicated chat tool allows for the ACK visitors to directly get in touch with FEV’s experts online, ask questions and schedule follow-up Meetings.

About FEV

FEV has always pushed the limits.
FEV is a globally leading engineering provider in the automotive industry and internationally recognized leader of innovation across different sectors and industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundations by combining his background in academia and engineering with a great vision for continual progress. The company has supplied solutions and strategy consulting to the world's largest automotive OEMs and has supported customers through the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem. 

As the world continues to evolve, so does FEV.
That’s why FEV is unleashing its technological and strategic expertise into other areas. It applies its forward thinking to the energy sector. And its software and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. FEV brings together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges. 

But FEV won’t stop there. 
Looking ahead, FEV continues to push the limits of innovation. With its highly qualified >7300 employees at more than 40 locations globally, FEV imagines solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but tomorrow’s. Ultimately, FEV keeps evolving – to a better, cleaner future built on sustainable mobility, energy and software that drives everything. For the company’s partners, its people and the world.