10 Years of FEV Consulting

In this issue: 10 Years of FEV Consulting

The last ten and certainly also the next ten years are characterized by technological, climatic, and social changes. All of these disruptions are taking place at an unprecedented speed, and as a result, many of our customers are facing the greatest challenges in their corporate history. We are proud that our customers trust our technological and strategic expertise to help them master these challenges.

In more than 750 projects, customers from more than 30 countries have placed their trust in us, which has led to the global expansion of FEV Consulting. We have already opened eight offices, with more offices currently being planned.

In this issue, we will showcase the development of FEV Consulting and present selected consulting topics and studies from recent years, e.g., transformation of R&D organizations by analyzing and managing required future R&D competencies, electrification of on- and off-road vehicles, business expansion based on product innovations or M&A strategies, and analysis of future energy carriers for a sustainable mobility and transportation sector.

The contributions in this issue emphasize FEV Consulting’s thought leadership in the techno-strategic space. Being part of FEV Group and working closely with more than 6,000 engineering experts worldwide enables in-depth technical analysis and efficient access to industry and product knowledge. FEV Consulting has thus become a valued sparring partner and idea provider for CTOs. Added value is created not only through innovative consulting approaches and methods, but also especially through our own proprietary data and knowledge.

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