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Technical Centers, FEV, North America

FEV's North American Technical Center is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a region of high-tech businesses that are driving force for technical innovation in the automotive industry. This state-of-the-art facility provides powertrain systems design and development as well as vehicle integration and calibration services to the automotive and heavy-duty manufacturing industries.

Completed in 1997, the first phase of FEV's North American Technical Center offers the latest technology in powertrain design and development, along with extensive testing capabilities in close proximity to North America's domestic powertrain industry. The facility has been expanded several times, including completion in March 2009 of FEV’s flagship Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Development Center.

The North American Technical Center supports its powertrain systems OEM clients with a broad range of design and analysis capabilities. Most major CAD/CAE platforms, as well as industry standard analysis and simulation codes are supported. FEV also makes use of a number of proprietary codes in the performance of its design and analysis programs.

Fully instrumented engine dynamometer cells are equipped with state-of-the-art emissions benches and FEV's lubricating oil, engine coolant, intake air conditioning, and combustion analysis/data acquisition systems. The facility is multi-fuel capable. Currently, both gasoline and diesel as well as alternative fuels, engine performance and emissions development services are offered.

State-of-the-art facilities, world-class service

An extensive range of services are offered through the North American Technical Center:

  • Powertrain systems integration and calibration
  • Full-service engine design and development
  • Engine Process Flow Modeling
  • Complete "clean sheet of paper" engine designs
  • Design analysis for Best-in-Class NVH
  • Concept design and prototyping
  • Advanced product development
  • Production engine analysis and refinement
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Development Center (HEVDC) at its Auburn Hills campus with dedicated chassis dynamometer for hybrid and electric vehicle testing

The following facilities are available in Auburn Hills

  • 26 Engine Test Sites
  • 10 Transient Test Sites
  • NVH Powertrain Test Facilities
  • 12 Development Test Cells
  • 8 Hybrid Powertrain Development Test Sites
  • Hybrid/EV Transmission Development Test Rigs
  • Electric Motor Test Rigs
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Chassis Dyno
  • Electric Charging Station for PHEV's and EV's

Vehicle Center

  • Vehicle Laboratory
  • Cold Chamber
  • NVH Chassis Dynamometer
  • Emission Chassis Dynamometer

Additional Facilities

  • CAD/CAE Design Center
  • Flow Lab
  • Engine Build/Tear-Down Area
  • Electronics Lab
  • Diesel Emission Lab
  • Video-Conference Room

Our highly qualified teams of technical experts, supplemented by FEV's state-of-the-art powertrain test and development facilities, are ready to assist you. Regardless of your goal, we are confident that the technical and project management capabilities are available within our organization to assist you in your product design and development efforts.

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