08. December 2022

FEV Türkiye Pursues Growth Path in ADAS/AD- and eMobility Systems at Teknopark İzmir

Izmir People

From left to right: Kadir Yiğit Yıldız, Gamze Tanoğlu, Dr. Ulrich Pfahl, Prof. Yusuf Baran, Didem Mutlu and Prof. Metin Tanoğlu at the opening ceremony of FEV Türkiye’s İzmir office space extension. Source: FEV Group

İzmir, Turkey, December 2022 – In April, FEV Türkiye had opened a new office in Teknopark Izmir on the campus of Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH). Now, an additional building has been inaugurated to create space for more than 500 engineers in total, developing state-of-the-art ADAS/AD- and propulsion systems. FEV Türkiye is a subsidiary of one of the global innovation leaders, FEV Group. It started its operations in 2011. The company today operates campuses in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Ankara, İzmir, and Bursa. 

FEV Türkiye, which has formed collaborations with multiple universities since its establishment, has been awarded twice for its university-industry cooperations. In addition, FEV Türkiye was featured in “The Best Workplaces 2022” list published by the Great Place to Work Institute – one of the world’s most prestigious human resources organizations. All FEV Türkiye offices are successfully located in technoparks, and more than 70 percent of its revenue are generated through order entries from global customers located outside the country.

After opening its first office at Teknopark İzmir in April 2022, FEV Türkiye was able to recruit top talents graduating at IZTECH and, thus, triple its workforce, employing more than 500 experts in total. Now, the company took the next step and extended its presence in İzmir, opening an additional two-story office building, where next generation automated and electric vehicle series development projects are carried out.

“We are very pleased with the opening of our new office building,” said Dr. Ulrich Pfahl, Chairman of the Executive Board, FEV Asia. “We will accelerate our activities in Turkey in line with our targets by strengthening our university-industry cooperation with IZTECH and Teknopark İzmir. FEV Türkiye’s complete vehicle, propulsion, software, and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. We bring together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges.”

“We are proud that FEV Türkiye has taken the opportunity to extend its activities in Teknopark İzmir by utilizing our so-called B1-building, which we have recently added to our institute,” said Prof. Yusuf Baran, IZTECH President and Teknopark İzmir’s Chairman of the Executive Board. “We wish FEV Türkiye and the company’s employees lots of success, since together we are researching and shaping the future of mobility.”

As an innovative engineering service provider in vehicle and software development, automated and autonomous driving, electrified and conventional propulsion systems, FEV Türkiye among others has already been developing next generation battery electric vehicles targeting SAE Level 4 autonomous driving features.

Besides Dr. Pfahl and Prof. Baran, the opening ceremony held in the newly opened B1-building was attended by the following dignitaries: Prof. Dr. Gamze Tanoğlu, Vice Rector IZTECH; Prof. Dr. Metin Tanoğlu, General Manager Teknopark İzmir; Kadir Yiğit Yıldız, Director Business Development, FEV Türkiye; Didem Mutlu, Director Corporate Governance and Sustainability, Teknopark İzmir as well as FEV Türkiye’s employees and guests.

About FEV

FEV has always pushed the limits.
FEV is a globally leading engineering provider in the automotive industry and internationally recognized leader of innovation across different sectors and industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundations by combining his background in academia and engineering with a great vision for continual progress. The company has supplied solutions and strategy consulting to the world's largest automotive OEMs and has supported customers through the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem. 

As the world continues to evolve, so does FEV.
That’s why FEV is unleashing its technological and strategic expertise into other areas. It applies its forward thinking to the energy sector. And its software and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. FEV brings together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges. 

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Looking ahead, FEV continues to push the limits of innovation. With its highly qualified >7300 employees at more than 40 locations globally, FEV imagines solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but tomorrow’s. Ultimately, FEV keeps evolving – to a better, cleaner future built on sustainable mobility, energy and software that drives everything. For the company’s partners, its people and the world.