03. January 2017

FEV North America, Inc. becoming one-stop shop for smart vehicle technology

Smart / connected vehicle development and cyber security to be a highlight of FEV exhibit at CES

Auburn Hills, Mich., Jan. 3, 2017 – As the number and variety of communication technologies employed in connected vehicles continues to grow, the risk of a security breach increases profoundly. FEV is a leader in the development and testing of electronics systems and subsystems, and has created a comprehensive suite of services that make it a “one-stop shop” for design, development, testing, and deployment of cyber security and ADAS solutions, among other connected/smart vehicle technologies. Some of these technologies will be demonstrated at the company’s suite at the Bellagio Hotel during the CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 5 – 8, 2017.

FEV’s Cyber Security and ADAS services focus on Smart Vehicles and its numerous components and interfaces. These services encompass the entire product end-to-end lifecycle, from concept to in-field support through management, testing, hardware and software design solutions, and on to integration and validation. Working together with the company’s partners, FEV also addresses specific IT related threats and solutions.  FEV assists its customers in designing and integrating advanced ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) features and functions. The company’s benchmarking, development and implementation tasks leverage in-depth powertrain, chassis, body, infotainment, and connectivity sub-system knowledge that FEV has acquired over many years of experience in performing customer projects.


Technology to be exhibited at the company’s 2017 CES Suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas includes:


A cyber security solution for electronic control modules with partner Karamba Security

This demo will showcase FEV’s Connected Vehicle Gateway (CVGW) module hardware operating with the unique Karamba Security (Karamba) cyber security software solution for protection from cyber attacks. 

Karamba is a provider of autonomous cybersecurity software for connected and autonomous vehicles. Karamba’s embedded software products automatically harden the electronic control units (ECUs) of connected and autonomous cars, preventing hackers from manipulating and compromising those ECUs and hacking into the car.

The solution demonstrated in FEV’s suite will provide protection from arbitrary code execution during in-memory and external attacks. The FEV-Karamba solution locks down factory settings and prevents in-memory attacks, as well as offers incident response capabilities. Other in-car cyber security solutions can trigger false positives, putting driver safety at risk. The FEV-Karamba solution hardens the ECU against cyber attacks and is immune to false positives.


Trusted Platform Module (TPM)/Hardware Security Module (HSM) based solution with partners Infineon and GlobalSign

This security integration solution provides a robust Root of Trust for electronic control modules. The FEV-Infineon-GlobalSign solution provides a strong and extended authentication through a secure device identity implementation. The TPM represents a mature and public standard-based fully functional security module which acts as a Root of Trust for electronic control modules. It supports enhanced authentication, verification of platform trust and platform integrity, remote attestation, and secure key storage. TPM plays a pivotal role for secure and trusted boot requirements. The solution employs both TPMs and X.509 certificates which represent  mature and well-defined standards. By utilizing Infineon’s automotive security chips and GlobalSign PKI services, FEV can offer a complete security solution to automotive customers who want to easily integrate these into their production environments and cars. The FEV-Infineon-GlobalSign IP is transferable and customers can obtain an external certification after integration.  The individually certified hardware and software components from Infineon and GlobalSign allow the customer to obtain security certification for the entire solution.

Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener.  Infineon is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of security solutions for Trusted Computing.  Visit infineon.com for more information.  GlobalSign’s identity and security solutions allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to embed robust device integrity and authentication features into their IoT devices. Learn more about GlobalSign at globalsign.com.

FEV and its partners will demonstrate various capabilities that support the development of an effective cyber security system, beginning with security management.  FEV supports its customers with threat and risk modeling services, including prioritized threat and incidence response analysis as well as real time intrusion detection.  Security testing as well as hardware and software design are also FEV strengths that are leveraged to support the company’s customer base.

ADAS / LiDAR technology together with LeddarTech

Together with LeddarTech, FEV will demonstrate its capabilities in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and specifically benchmarking of ADAS components. FEV’s benchmarking program includes test plan development, instrumentation, testing, and comprehensive data analysis.

LeddarTech is the developer and owner of Leddar, a patented solid-state LiDAR sensing technology that constitutes a novel approach in object detection and ranging. For more information on LeddarTech, visit leddartech.com.


ADAS and functional safety for driver-assistive truck platooning, together with Peloton Technology

FEV assists its customers in designing and integrating advanced safety and Automated Driving (AD) features and functions. The company’s development and implementation tasks leverage in-depth powertrain, chassis, body, infotainment, and connectivity sub-system knowledge that FEV has acquired over many years of experience in performing customer projects.

At CES, FEV, with partner Peloton Technology will demonstrate an example of its capabilities in the development of automated driving systems and specifically functional safety in the area of SAE Level 1 driver-assistive truck platooning. The Peloton system links the active safety systems between pairs of heavy trucks to form aerodynamic platoons for fuel savings.  As an SAE Level 1 technology, the Peloton system keeps all drivers fully engaged in the driving task at all times. The system integrates best-in-class active safety systems, cloud-based management and over-the-horizon alerts for drivers, making trucks safer both when solo and in platoon.  Combining advanced safety systems, driver-assistive automation and vehicle connectivity, the Peloton system enables drivers and fleets to achieve new levels of safety and efficiency.

Specifically, FEV will showcase an overview of Peloton’s driver-assistive platooning system and FEV’s support in functional safety plan implementation. The project includes assistance in development of functional safety processes, training of Peloton personnel, formal functional safety documentation, and interaction with Peloton’s OEM and braking partners to ensure synchronization between functional safety system efforts.

Peloton Technology is a connected and automated vehicle technology company dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of the $700 billion U.S. trucking industry and other global automotive markets.  For more information, visit Peloton at peloton-tech.com.


FEV Cyber Security Gateway Module

FEV’s Cyber Security Gateway prevents malicious attacks from causing harm to a vehicle or its occupants. The Gateway can be used either as a standalone or as an integrated solution that is connected to the vehicle communication bus to detect and prevent malicious activities.  Through a unique set of software functions and algorithms for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) as well as specific vehicle adaptation and calibration, the Gateway significantly reduces the cyber security risks faced by today’s connected vehicle, and can function as a firewall between numerous, external interface threat entry points, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and OBDII and the vehicle bus. OEM or large fleet owners are able to deploy the technology quickly to protect their products.

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