06. June 2011

FEV Group to show new electronically controlled automatic transmission

FEV Group to show electronically controlled 7-speed automatic transmission with hybrid modes at VDI Transmission Conference

Aachen, Germany, June 6, 2011 – FEV Group, (FEV) a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies based in Aachen, Germany, announced today that it will show its internally developed, Electrically Controlled Automatic Transmission, featuring 7 gears and Hydraulic actuation (E-CAT-7H), at the upcoming 2011 VDI Transmission Conference, June 7 & 8, 2011, in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The transmission will be displayed in FEV’s booth in the exhibit hall. The E-CAT-7H offers significant benefits when coupled with a downsized and highly boosted combustion engine such as FEV’s Extreme Downsized Engine (EDE), creating a Parallel Hybrid Drive Powertrain System.

The E-CAT-7H is a planetary gear set (PGS), seven-speed electrically assisted hybrid automatic transmission designed for transverse (FWD) applications, making it an ideal concept for smaller vehicles that make up the bulk of the European light vehicle fleet as manufacturers seek even better fuel economy to meet upcoming Euro 6 standards.

Small enough to package within an existing engine compartment, the E-CAT-7H transmission enables both combustion engine and electric drive capability. When combined with the EDE, the newly designed 7-speed automatic transmission with hybrid modes offers all of the desirable benefits of a parallel hybrid system without many of the traditional compromises.

The transmission is equipped with three PGS’, three clutches, and two brakes. The first PGS is coupled to the engine and electric motor, with the two additional PGS’ coupled to a differential to achieve the desired seven-speed hybrid functionality. The transmission currently features electro-hydraulic clutch actuation. Electromechanical clutch actuation is currently under development by FEV engineers, and will provide additional fuel economy contributions due to extremely low transmission losses, offering a reduction in fuel consumption on the order of 9 percent.

Combined with the EDE, the parallel hybrid powertrain system provides a variety of key benefits:

  • Stop/start functionality
  • Four-speed pure electric driving
  • Seven-speed internal combustion engine drive
  • Boosting and recuperation
  • Restart of the internal combustion engine out of e-drive
  • Full powershift capability with no torque loss
  • Three-shaft compact design
  • Seven forward gears realized through three clutches and two brakes, and,
  • Low transmission losses due to electromechanical clutch actuation and elimination of torque converter.