07. October 2013

FEV GmbH cuts large bore engine development time

Issues assessed, resolved and results transferred to multi-cylinder engines

Aachen, Germany, October 7, 2013 - At the Aachen Colloquium for Automobile and Engine Technology, 7 - 9 Oct., 2013, advanced powertrain and vehicle system technology developer FEV GmbH, (FEV) will display an exhibit detailing the single-cylinder engine (SCE) family developed internally by FEV. Utilizing its highly flexible and modular design, the engine has since been successfully adapted to the specific needs of FEV customers to cost-effectively speed engine development.

Although the initial development costs for a single-cylinder engine (SCE) are high, use of such an engine eliminates the need for many expensive multi-cylinder tests and, hence, offers substantially lower operating costs over the full product design and development cycle when compared to multi-cylinder engine testing alone.  The use of a well-engineered SCE also allows engineers to rapidly design, develop and test new ideas for engine hardware, software and operating strategies.

FEV has proven the benefits of this methodology in both gas and diesel engine development testing, and significant performance results that have been indicated on an SCE have been successfully transferred to multi-cylinder engines.  Thermodynamic, structural and mechanical issues can also be efficiently assessed and solved.  To ensure transferability, state-of-the-art simulation tools are used to adapt the SCE's air system to match the multi-cylinder engine prior to its testing.

"Legislative mandates and increasing competition are driving combustion development for gasoline and diesel engines. Tools like the SCE and cross-functional design and simulation experience put FEV at the forefront of this race," said Prof. Stefan Pischinger, CEO of FEV GmbH.