Björn, what does

“enter the next level” mean for you?

Always continuing to develop both personally and professionally. Not resting on your laurels, but taking the opportunity to come up with new ideas each day and present them to the company to contribute to the future of mobility. FEV gives me this opportunity.

Not only is it exciting to develop innovative technologies from the CAE concept to inside the vehicle itself, it’s also intense and demanding. Especially in the heated stages of a project, you really have to keep putting the pedal to the metal. But that’s also what makes this work so interesting.

Björn joined FEV as a student assistant. After obtaining his degree, he started working as a specialist in the area of thermodynamic simulation and is now a project manager. His past projects have included creating a demonstration vehicle with an electric-based exhaust turbocharger and developing 200 kW/l at lambda = 1.

He can also put his proficiency in tackling difficult projects to good use as a father of twins. He winds down from his work by gardening or hiking in the Alps.