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  • At FEV, we shape the future of mobility together with our customers. Software Development has become one of the fastest growing technical areas within the automotive industry.

    Within the departement of Connectivity Systems & Functions, we focus on vehicle connectivity: Between vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, infrastructure elements and increasingly complex backend systems. We connect vehicles, businesses and people. Customer understanding and requirements engineering is our success factor.

    For our growing team, we are looking for developers and engineers, who have initial experience working on frontend, backend or full stack software. We work according to agile and lean principles and look for a team player to join us.

    Many of our activities deal with leading edge and future technology. We are looking for colleagues comfortable working with new and evolving standards, technologies and who are passionate to create the connected solutions of the future.

    As a potential candidate you 

    • want to bring your solution to life from an end-to-end point of view
    • do not see Software solely in source code, yet also in requirements and quality assurance
    • like complex and frequently changing tasks
    • want to work closely with the customer
    • want to bring your team forward
    • take pride and ownership in your solutions
    • like working within an international environment
    • are looking forward to constantly improve your skill set
    • Cost analysis of electronic products and components based on hardware decomposition within benchmark projects
    • Cost evaluations of technical concepts and solutions for target costing in early development phases
    • Identification and evaluation of cost reduction potentials in close cooperation with interdisciplinary project teams
    • Further development of existing methods and tools for cost calculation and active know-how construction
    • Documentation, presentation and discussion of results in the team and in front of customers
    • Assist the Group Head of tax in preparing and maintaining group transfer pricing documentations and related documents
    • Assist in tax technical research and follow-up in international tax, transfer pricing, etc.
    • Assist in maintaining tax file records and data
    • Involve in some departmental administrative tasks

    • Comprehensive HIL/MIL/SIL testing of ADAS / AD functionalities
    • Focus on camera and LIDAR based systems
    • Test object preparation
    • Test case development
    • Perform automatic tests, issue root cause analysis and report
    • Support testing framework development, extend automation level
    • Function development for battery management systems (BMS) for high- and low-voltage batteries
    • Identification and management of functional requirements
    • Interface specification, especially to hybrid control unit, charger, DCDC, IPU
    • Specification for the implementation of BMS functions in MATLAB/Simulink
    • Specification of XiL-testcases and analysis of respective test results
    • Technical guidance for startup and calibration of functions with application tools like INCA, CANape
    • Technical further development of the above-mentioned topics 
    • Technical responsibility in the project / Monitoring of technical quality in the projects
    • Technical support in the preparation of offers, presentation to customers and acquisition of new projects
    • Test bench and vehicle integration support
    • Business trips abroad
  • • Electric/Electronic Requirements Engineer for automotive electric systems and components

    • Your main responsibility will be creation, coordination and management of requirements for 

    vehicle HV and LV components

    • You will gather specifications from customer, international standards and convert them into 

    relevant components requirements

    • Managing the meetings for supplier’s requirements compliance matrix

    • You will work closely with the component engineer and related teams

    • Pursuit product compliance and gather tests evidences

  • • Technical Lead Engineer for automotive High Voltage systems

    • Contribute to development of components like: HV Battery, Power converters (Inverters, AC/DC, DC/DC), LV/HV Wiring Harness, etc

    • Support technical meetings with customer and FEV internal

    • Component and supplier management

    • Requirements coordination, test specification, DV/PV planning

    • Component and vehicle solutions Benchmarking


    • Geometry preparation, meshing and model setup
    • Simulation of stationary and transient CFD
    • Depending on project requirements: Combustion system development or Cooling system development
    • Depending on project requirements: Coolant flow optimization or in-cylinder flow, spray layout and combustion prediction
    • Analysis of the results
    • Presentation to customer
    • Independent cooperation within FEV and external partners
  • • Support PMO Set up and steering of projects from the FEV IT department

    • Ensure proper project setup and deliverables including project planning/performance measurement

    • Maintain and track project information in terms of time and budget

    • Determine standards regarding processes and systems in collaboration with the PMO lead, project leads

    • Evaluate and decide on appropriate project methods/tools/templates

    • Definition of regular reporting processes, preparation of regular reports and status updates

    • Responsible for the communication and stakeholder management


    • Responsible person for diagnosis topics in the project;
    • Define Functional Specification Requirements;
    • Specification and development of diagnostic concept;
    • Provide representation for diagnostics within technology design forums, gateway and technical reviews;
    • Diagnostics interface between development, production and after-sales;
    • Testing and ensuring the correct implementation of the diagnostic;
    • Participation in test trips/validation loops;
    • Supplier Management;


    On Board Diagnostic Design:
    • Interface to Component Owner Engineer;

    • Define Functional Specification Requirements;

    • Creation of Diagnostic Description Files;

    • Provide representation for diagnostics within technology design forums

    • Implement the definition and deployment of the next generation diagnostic description and analysis tool set;

    On Board Diagnostic Compliance:

    • Reviewing, Testing and Confirming Diagnostics Implementation;

    • Setup Diagnostic Description Data for Service Tool;

    • Ensure compliance to diagnostic specifications and requirements;

    • Releasing ECU Level Diagnostic Descriptions;

    • Issue tracking and auditing;

    Off-Board Diagnostic Tool System Functional Testing:

    • Define, coordinate, execute and analyze acceptance test procedures defined for a deployed and installed Service Tool software platform;

    • Collaborate with a Diagnostic System Unit Test and Verification Team;

    • Expose errors and design faults;

    • Create and set up a test plan;

    • Set up and create test environments (simulation and physical);

    • Build up simulation resource library by data logging and analyzing;

    • Black Box testing (application robustness, out of range, destructive, Software Performance Testing);

    • White Box Testing (according test plan);

    • End User Acceptance Testing (display, response, reaction, layout);

    • Management of test results;

Data Protection for Applicants
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