15. October 2014

Seven floors, one staff restaurant

Festive ground-breaking ceremony for new FEV building in Aachen / FEV continues international growth

Festive ground-breaking ceremony for new FEV building in Aachen (from left to right): Sami Sagur, CFO and Executive Vice President of the FEV Group Holding GmbH and FEV GmbH, Rainer Paulsen, Chairman of the Executive Board of FEV Dauerlaufprüfzentrum GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of the FEV Group Holding GmbH, Karl Schultheis, representative of the North Rhine-Westphalian “Landtag” (parliament), Dr.-Ing. Ernst Scheid, Executive Vice President of the FEV GmbH, Jan-Hendrik Franzen (plan AG) und H.-J. Franzen (Roschke & Franzen), responsible architects

The new building at FEV's headquarters in Aachen will include seven floors and one staff restaurant. Local government officials and business leaders participated in a festive ground-breaking ceremony in mid-October.

Aachen, 17 October, 2014 – The global growth of development service provider FEV continues: Local government officials and business leaders participated in a festive ground-breaking ceremony in mid October for a new building at FEV's headquarters in Aachen.

FEV Group President and CEO Professor Stefan Pischinger explained that FEV is taking another step toward meeting the needs of its steadily growing employee base with the addition of the new building to its headquarters complex. In the last 12 months alone FEV's workforce at its German sites has grown by more than 250 professional employees. The continuously growing demand for advanced development services also necessitated expansion at the Aachen site in the Neuenhofstraße. The seven storey complex with office areas on five floors will be the future headquarters of FEV Group and will also house a staff restaurant with 250 seats.

FEV had already strategically realigned its organisational structure at the beginning of the year. "The restructuring will grant more operative responsibility to our core business areas, and at the same time allow them to focus more on their respective area of responsibility," said Pischinger. "This will allow us to serve our global customers even more efficiently and appropriately."

The strategic realignment goes hand in hand with the successive expansion of staff and company presence, which included the launch of the extension of FEV’s durability testing center in Brehna in June of this year. Further expansion projects of the international FEV sites are planned.

About FEV

The FEV Group with headquarters in Aachen, Germany, is an internationally recognized development service provider for drive and vehicle technologies. The company offers its global transport industry customers a complete range of engineering services, providing support in the design, analysis and prototyping for powertrain and transmission development, as well as vehicle integration, calibration and homologation for advanced internal combustion gasoline-, diesel-, and alternative-fuelled powertrains. FEV's competencies also include design, development and prototyping of innovative vehicle concepts, powertrain electronic control systems and hybrid-electric engine concepts that address future emission and fuel economy standards. The Test Systems division is a global supplier of advanced test cell, instrumentation and test equipment. The FEV Group employs a staff of over 3,000 highly skilled specialists at advanced technical centres on three continents. 

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