Chassis dynamometer

Durability and emissions

Even if the new certifications give more significance to on-road tests, chassis dynamometers remain an essential tool for engine testing. FEV’s versatile solutions meets the various needs encountered during testing: Durability and emissions tests, in various climatic and altitude conditions


  • Any type of emissions tests can be performed
  • Complete CVS and gas analysis system (gasoline and diesel tunnels) 
  •  Two monorollers for testing any type of vehicle configuration (front or rear wheel drive, 4WD, hybrid)
  • Climatic test cell (40 °C, 50% humidity, -7 °C) 
  •  Continuity of driver‘s assistance from chassis dynamometers to on-road testing (RDE)


  • Integration of a complete diesel/ gasoline exhaust gases analysis system
  • Centralized management of testing and of results, with the MORPHEE automation system, in combination with TEST MANAGER.
  • R&D testing, modal analysis, thanks to MORPHEE‘s flexibility
  • Mobile radiator grill ventilator
  • Solutions tested in our centers




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