Electronics andElectrification

Electrified Propulsion Systems

From concept to start of production, FEV supports customers with custom solutions for Plug-In, Extended Range, Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles.

FEV’s knowhow of the entire vehicle eco-system and expertise on a component level, makes us the ideal partner for your e-mobility needs. Serving as your one-stop shop for vehicle engineering, FEV delivers shorter development cycle time and reduced costs.

Capabilities and Solutions

Our team of experts is passionate about advancing the hybrid and electric vehicle space through the design, development, integration and validation of e-mobility technologies. 

Mobility Concept Demonstration 

  • System simulation, architecture development and concept demonstration 
  • Component sizing, procurement, controls, integration and demonstration 

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Controls Software 

  • Propulsion system management, torque management, torque vectoring, diagnostics, and energy management 

Functional Safety 

  • System and sub system level hazard and risk analysis, and ISO26262 

Electric Powertrain Calibration  

  • Propulsion system, Drivability, Range, In-Use robustness, Safety, and Thermal management 

Motor-Invertor Development  

  • Efficiency determination, Transient response, Inverter Pairing, Inverter calibration, Development, Testing and optimization

Battery and BMS Development  

  • System safety evaluation, Thermal management, Pack and cell characterization, System validation  
  • BMS system development, integration, calibration and testing  

On-Board and DC-Fast Charge Systems Compatibility Studies  

  • Charging profile, Compatibility, Duration, Safety, Thermal management and inductive charging  

On-Board Diagnostics Implementation  

  • Complete turnkey OBD calibration and support 


  • Vehicle level, component level (E-motor, Inverter, battery), design and teardown and cost analysis 

Embedded and HiL System Solutions  

  • Design and development of custom electronic controllers and embedded software  
  • Gateway controller, custom test solutions, system integration