Telematics Vehicle Drive Simulator

Our Telematics Vehicle Drive Simulator (VDS) is a National Instruments-based rack system which simulates all of the external I/O to a telematics ECU.  

The VDS user interface is a LabVIEW-based GUI which controls the following subsystems

  • Vehicle Configuration
  • ECU Interface
  • GPS Interface
  • GSM Interface
  • Vehicle CAN Simulation
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Multiple Power Supplies
  • Fault Insertion
  • Scripting
  • Logging 

With the VDS, a user can load a configuration file which contains vehicle particulars, and simulate all drive related data including a GPS scenario and dead reckoning.  All vehicle network signals are modeled.  Faults may be inserted and ECU behaviors assessed.  The unit is capable of running scripts remotely.  All data may be logged.emotely.  All data may be logged.

Read our VDS solution article/case study at the National Instruments website.

View the Vehicle Drive Vehicle Drive Simulator press releaseAdditional information is available here.

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