FEV operates a wide range of modern engine test cells and laboratories for specific development targets at its European Technical Center. Unique instrumentation tools allow for detailed experimental analysis that's second-to-none in the powertrain research-and-development industry.

We employ the most advanced test cell equipment and make extensive use of automated data acquisition and test control, ensuring rapid and precise measurements of fully equipped engines.

Test Facilities

  • 140 Test Cells
  • Mechanical Development
  • Combustion Development
  • 3 Transient Test Cells
  • 3 Heavy Duty
  • 2 Large Bore
  • 2 Acoustic
  • 3 Friction
  • 4 Cold Test Chambers (Cold Start)


  • Flow Lab
  • Fuel Injection Lab
  • Vibrations Lab
  • Audio Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • Electromechanical Lab
  • Engine Assembly Workshop

Vehicle Application Center

  • 3 Chassis Dynamometer
  • 2 Emission (incl. Cold Start @ Conditions below 7°C)
  • 1 Acoustic

Test Track

  • For driveability and calibration purposes, FEV has access to various transient test benches and chassis dynamometers, as well as vehicle soak and test track facilities.

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