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Diesel Powertrains

Challenges and solutions

Despite the advances being made with new alternative propulsion technologies, it is quite obvious that modern Diesel engines will remain significant contributors to meet the challenging CO2 reduction targets formulated in the EU as well as in many other regions in the world. The DI-Diesel engine represents the most cost-effective powertrain for reducing CO2 in automotive applications. An immense potential for the mid-term future is given in conjunction with tailored electrification up to plug-in hybrid technology.  Diesel engine technology faces a number of challenges that will drive the current and future development of competitive and market-conform propulsion units.

Global market challenges for upcoming Diesel powertrains:

  • Robust compliance with even the most stringent emission standards
  • Highest efficiency, minimized fuel consumption and lowest CO2 outputs
  • Improvement in Cost-of-Ownership and realization of the best customer value
  • Attractive driving performance
  • Enhancement of power-to-weight ratio and comfort appearance
  • Implementation and adaptation of tailored electrical assistance

FEV is expediting the evolution of the Diesel engines in this complex field  with partially contrary requirements in two major ways. On one hand we develop cutting-edge innovations in advanced engine architectures, novel emission management concepts  and innovative control functionalities. On the other hand we assist the entire development chain with the expansion  of dedicated engineering services including advanced application and calibration tools. We apply methodologies to manage the  additional efforts resulting from  continuously increasing variabilities  of prototype vehicles, testing resources and engineering effort. Concurrently, we focus on providing dynamic, customer-oriented, high-quality assistance within production vehicle projects involving engine integration and application for a worldwide group of clients. FEV’s expertise ranges from high volume mass production installations to dedicated calibration activities in the premium market segment, including realization of special low CO2 variants. These activities cover the very ambitious core EU market, the extremely challenging U.S. market as well as the strongly evolving emerging markets of the BRICT countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Turkey).

Multiple tasks

One team

FEV’s Passenger Car Diesel Engine Business Unit employs worldwide more than 450 highly skilled technical specialists at our four engineering centers, performing the full range of development tasks from early front-running virtual simulation jobs in the research and advanced engineering area to timed final SOP release, including after-launch support. These capabilities cover all of the relevant disciplines, including engine design and mechanics, comfort, combustion and exhaust aftertreatment, engine controls, software development and OBD. The primary focus remains on the timely delivery of high-quality engineering services to our global customers with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This allows our clients to achieve solutions that result in efficient and innovative modern Diesel engines, while meeting the growing complement of global market challenges.