Off Highway

Developinge of Future Non Road Mobile Machines

Legislation, Market demands & -acceptance, availability of innovative technologies and information will lead to radical changes for manufacturers and users of Non Road Mobile Machines. FEV Off Highway offers complete development of future Non Road Mobile Machines as one-stop solution. We develop concepts for future Off Highway operation tailored to your application (AGRI, Construction, Material Handling, Marine, Rail, …).

New concepts consider all boundaries like future emission legislation, possible ban of CO2 emitting machines in certain regions, market demands, TCO, manufacturing costs, 2nd live, etc. NRMM machines for Model Years 2025 – 2030 will be protected for all kind of power supply like ICE with or without electrical Hybrid, fuel cell, fully electric. That implements Hybridization & Electrification of functional groups up to fully electric operation.

Available new technologies allow automatization, the increase of precision and simplification of operation. This can lead to increase of efficiencies regarding natural & human resources. Also functional safety for machine operation as well as for humans will be increased.

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Ralf Blum Ralf Blum
Product Manager Off Highway
FEV Europe GmbH