07. March 2013

FEV GmbH participates in hydrogen fuel cell exhibit at Hannover Messe Energy

Collaborative, publicly funded “Breeze!” project emphasizes fuel cell technology as range extender

Aachen, Germany, February 07, 2013 – FEV GmbH, (FEV) a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies based in Aachen, Germany, today announced its participation in the Hannover Messe Energy. FEV will exhibit in the NRW Gemeinschaftsstand as part of a collaborative, publicly funded project focused on the development of hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders. The project, called Breeze!, is a collaborative effort between FEV, the Graebener Group, the Institute for Combustion Engines (VKA) at the RWTH Aachen, and ZBT GmbH.

At the event, FEV will exhibit a Fuel Cell Range Extender Module Prototype, an FEV-developed battery electric Fiat 500 (planned Base Vehicle), and FEV-developed Controller Modules consisting of a battery management system, a cell voltage measurement unit, and a battery module. FEV is also responsible for vehicle integration and the design of the fuel cell endplates and several other components in conjunction with VKA.

The Breeze! Project addresses several issues related to current range extender and EV technology. Today’s range extenders are simply downsized ICEs that continue to emit CO2 and the conversion to all-electric is not yet viable due to battery mass and cost issues.

FEV’s solution especially for urban driving is a Fuel Cell Range Extender, which combines both advantages (high efficiency of a battery and long distance driving without emission by Fuel Cells).

The Breeze! Project is funded by the State NRW and the European Union within the Ziel 2 funding programme.