Installation, Commissioning and Training

Pre-installation and commissioning are conducted in-house prior to shipping the test cells to our worldwide customers. The pre-installation and commissioning process is an essential factor in providing guaranteed high quality results. FEV Testing Solutions installs and tests the turn-key facility in its own workshop, including running engines under fired conditions.

Consequently, the result of this program is a short installation time at customers’ site, with little disturbance of the company’s operation. The commissioning is done by highly skilled specialists that accompany the project from the beginning to the final acceptance stage. All of our specialists have undergone extensive in-house training. This assures that the commissioning period on site is short and reliability is at the highest level.

During or after the commissioning, a training period is conducted within the scope of each program. The duration and scope of the training is entirely flexible and can be adapted to fit the needs of each individual program. To further fit the needs of our customers, we offer multiple levels of training to fit the needs of your employees. The training courses cover all aspects of the test cell such as operation, service, fault tracking and handling. The course can be conducted at either the customers’ site or in the FEV training room.

To further enhance the learning experience, FEV Test Systems also offers to guide the customer through the first few weeks of operation through dedicated start-up assistance. A highly skilled service specialist is placed on site to provide day-to-day support.