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ECU calibration

Given the exponential growth in managed information and parameters, the flexibility and scalability of these test bed systems are essential features. This is the reason why we offer a range of modular solutions that are easy to integrate and are fully compatible with the equipment and software on the open market. Discover FEV solutions for automated engine calibration.

ICE² Integrated Calibration Environment for Internal Combustion Engines

ICE2 is the right tool to accelerate your calibration process and ensure meeting quickly today's and tomorrow's new requirements. To face the increasing number of control parameters to set-up engines, ICE² advanced calibration software platform has been developed. It's a unique tool which enables to perform the complete process of Test matrix design, Modeling and Optimization.             

  • Centralized: a unique platform for a large variety of tasks and data sources
  • User-Friendly: data oriented interface providing help to the calibration engineer
  • Structuring: the workflow leads the work according to the calibration process