01 Software for Measurements

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Software for measurement


Building on its 20 years of experience, we offers original solutions in terms of flexibility, with a cost-performance mix that is unbeatable on the market. A unique system for test bed automation.
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TOM Xtend - A powerful automation system

combined with test cell control specifically designed for smaller test benches.


ICE² is the right tool to accelerate your calibration process and ensure meeting quickly today's and tomorrow's new requirements.
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Provides efficient and effective analysis of a wide variety of information; including trends, operational measurements, cycles, and benchmark data. Generates high quality reports for complete analysis.
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FEVFLEX - a one stop solution for efficient information management

FEVFLEX is a 100% modularly customizable information management solution for dynamic fields. Easy to use and complex in its output, FEVFLEX offers a one stop solution for various needs.
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With our solutions for testing center data management, you can organize your test beds, make them more reliable, and facilitate information exchange between them.
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xMOD is an application software that facilitate stand alone and tool coupling co-simulation between several simulation tools. 
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