01 Measuring Devices



Measuring Devices

The basis for high quality testing is the accurate measurement of all individual values. FEV Testing Solutions offers you high class fuel and exhaust measurement devices including the full signal conditioning. The integration into a full working test environment is easy by numerous interfaces both discrete or field bus based.

Fuel Consumption Measuring Unit - FuelRate

Fuel flow measuring unit based on the Coriolis force to directly measure the mass flow.


» High degree of accuracy due to four measuring paths
» Wide measuring range covering single cylinder to HDD engine requirements
» Low maintenance and calibration requirements promote high up-time

Modular Signal Interface - IntegRate

The signal interface system that is the central measurement terminal inside a test cell.

BlowBy measuring system - BlowByRate

The FEV BlowByRate provides continuous measurement of combustion BlowBy gases leaking into the crankcase during combustion engine operation. Combustion engine cylinder gases can leak into the engine crankcase in a variety of ways – including around the pistons, piston rings, and valve guides. In supercharged engines with a turbo charger, gases can also leak through the bearing and bearing gaskets. BlowBy gases, once in the engine crankcase, will leak out of the engine through the crankcase ventilation system.

FEV EmissionRate FEVER

Emission measurement system for undiluted exhaust gas.


Emission measurement system for undiluted exhaust gas.

FEV Oil aeration detector: Aerometer

For more than a decade the FEV Aerometer represents the reliable solution for the determination of the gas content in lubricants during engine operation. The FEV Aerometer has become the standard device for development and optimization of lubrication system performance in the field of oil aeration at OEMs all over the world.

FEV Aerometer for manually conducted investigations

  • Absolute measurement principle
  • Manual read out of the oil column height and the value input into the control unit after the measurement cycle necessary

FEV Aero2Meter: The new Benchmark

  • Keep the absolute measurement principle
  • Conduct fully automated measurements
  • Conduct automated oil aeration mappings or the recording of oil aeration values over entire durability runs
  • No pressurized air supply needed
  • Reduced size
  • Integration into all common test bench automation systems
  • Oil temperature: up to 150 °C
  • Oil pressures acceptance: up to 10 bar


OSIRIS is a quick, "turnkey" acquisition system. Quickly place in operation and easy to use, it is perfectly suited to powertrain engineering needs at all phases of powertrain or of vehicle development, etc.

  • A high-performance system with the best quality-price ratio
  • It measures both in time and in angle, for cold start application and injector development, etc.
  • Monitoring of all manner of calculations: knocking, Pmax, IMEP, CA50, etc.
  • Integrated engine target management