01 Dynamometers

Asynchronous DriveDynaCraft


Dynos and Controllers

We offer you robust, dynamic solutions. The reliability of our dynamometers determines the rotation rate for your test beds. Their dynamic, combined with effective control, allows the most demanding calibration and certification tests to be carried out: On engine test beds, on component test beds, or also on powertrain test beds:


FEV asynchronous machines allow you to carry out your dynamic testing, on engine test beds and on powertrain test beds, at dynamic levels that are always improving.

  • Ready-to-use system, reduced engineering costs
  • Expertise for shaft line calculations: bending and torsion

Throttle Actuator - ServoCraft

The throttle actuator is a high speed universal linear-actuator for operation of throttle valves and injection pumps of combustion engines.


Due to their great robustness, the Eddy Current dynamometers are especially well suited to carrying out durability testing.

  • Low maintenance costs : Costs divided by 5 over a course of 10 years
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability for torque measurements
  • Low inertia

Test Object Controller - TestObjectManager (TOM)

The universal controller to handle all kinds of load units and test objects such as speed, throttle, or torque.

DCU 3000

Our DCU 3000 allows to control in torque all types of dynamometers: Asynchronous or synchronous dynamometers, Eddy current dynamometers.

  • High-frequency regulation loops adapted to High Dynamic: 2 KHz
  • Powertrain test bed applications with three-machine control

Driver / Vehicle Simulation (FEV-SIM)

FEV simulation techniques assist in speeding up the entire development process by combining physically available parts of the vehicle with models of the remaining systems.